Mod_Corba 0.1

What is it?

Mod_Corba is a plug-in module for the Apache web server.

What does it do?

Mod_Corba exposes the Apache "module" API via CORBA. With this, any object in any language on any system can be used as a plugin module for an Apache web server, without recompiling or restarting the server. Since the entire internal operation of the Apache web server is based on the module API, the possibilities are almost limitless.

Mod_Corba uses C language bindings of the fast, lightweight ORBit ORB. This minimizes the overhead for using CORBA objects to extend the Web server.

The Mod_Corba distribution includes source code for a demonstration request handler as an example of an Apache CORBA extension.


Mod_Corba requires the following packages:

Supported features

  • Per-directory, per-URI, and per-server configuration
  • Arbitrary number of handler objects
  • Apache config files can set arbitrary environment variables for each handler
  • Handler objects can process all 10 phases of Apache request handling, including authentication, authorization, and logging.

How do I get it?

You can download the most current version of Mod_Corba as a gzipped tar file here.
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